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DH Returns to Planet Earth

November 4th, 2008 at 06:31 am

My DH seems to have returned to planet earth, at least for the moment. But I am still not convinced that it is him home planet. I think he just visits from time to time. We sat down last night with someone from the business he is looking into. As we both suspected, they told us with our current situation (cash poor and me with a small income) the only way we could really get it started would be to use home equity or our retirement savings. I nixed both of those ideas and fortunately DH agrees with me so no fighting over that one. I can see how much he really wants to be in business for himself and not be constantly kicked around by someone else but it just won't work for us right now. We discussed it and I am going to try to find a full time job or at least a higher paying part time job with benefits. That would take a huge bite out of our expenses, enough that 6 months from now it would be feasible to consider starting the business. But it would also mean him being much more frugal, not adding anything to his credit card and helping out around the house. So, we have a plan of sorts, at least for while he is back on planet earth. My frustration is that he has done this in the past, agreed to things but then a month or two go by and he gets bored, frustrated, tired etc. and the plan goes out the window. I am not trying to knock him, we all do that, my self included. Its just that if he really wants this to work, he has to stick with a financial plan and stop holding himself back. Wish me luck in keeping him grounded here on planet earth.

Totally changing topics here, I was very pleased with my son's frugal Halloween costume. He went out as Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. The Luke from the original movie, before he was a Jedi etc. He already had a toy light saber, just needed new batteries to make it light up. I found a website with home made Star Wars costumes and took my cues from them. He wore his old white karate top as a shirt. Khaki pants from school as the bottoms. We wrapped his legs with old pieces of extra quilt batting to mimic the leg wraps Luke wore. We found a black nylon web belt that he already had and made a clip for the light saber out of a binder clip, a peg board hook, a rubber band and black electrical tape. Don't ask me to describe it but it was inspired if I do say so myself. The funny part was, that was what made him love the whole costume - the fact that he could clip the light saber to his belt. He was thrilled and I was thrilled that it was FREE!!! I love it when I get inspired like that and it all works out. It reminds me even more of a motto I love "Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without." How often would one of those four really work for us, rather than just buying something new to fill a need we think we have? Very often, at least in my opinion.

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