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How Did I Do That?

July 29th, 2008 at 06:42 am

How did I do what? How did I manage to schedule a college visit for a totally different day than I had in mind, write down the correct time on the date I had in mind and then totally miss the appointment (cause it was not on the day I thought I was scheduling it for)? Confused yet? I certainly was yesterday. I had gone on-line a few weeks ago to schedule a college visit with my daughter. The school in question had a website to let you know when they had tours available and you could sign up on-line. I have been doing Fridays because my daughter and I both have off those days. I was trying (and thought I had) signed up for an appointment on Friday Aug. 1 at 1:00. This is what I was trying to get and what I wrote in my date book. The college did send me a confirmation but (my fault here) I did not look at it closely. I still assumed that I had signed up for the date I wanted. I realized yesterday afternoon that I had somehow clicked on the wrong date and signed up for July 23. Note, that yesterday was July 28 so no way were we making the July 23 appointment. My time machine is broken and has no hopes of being fixed any time soon. I called the college to apologize for my mistake, explain and ask if there were still any openings for Friday Aug. 1. I explained that we would be in the area (about 2 hours away from my home) visiting other schools (in the morning) and we would really like to conserve time and gas and visit them that afternoon. I am not sure who was answering the phone in admissions yesterday but if I was his boss, he would have been fired. I was very snootily told that they had no openings at all. I asked if they were even having a group tour Friday and was told "All of our information is on our website". I told him that since it was their website that confused me in the first place, I was trying to schedule something thru a person. Again "All our our information is on our website". At that point I just said "Fine, I guess I will have to try the website again" and hung up. I know the mistake was my fault but I would have hoped for a more pleasant attitude and at least something along the lines of "I am really sorry, I wish I could help you..." but nothing like that. We are still going to try to visit, even if it means we just drive thru the campus and go back for a formal tour another day but it certainly gives me a sour feeling toward the school. And it is not even like it is Harvard or something, just one of our state system schools (although one of the better ones). I think someone needs to remind them (or at least that person) that the prospective students are customers and a bit of old fashioned customer service is in order!

I'm back!!!

July 28th, 2008 at 06:09 am

For better or worse, I am back. I had not realized how long it had been since I had made an entry. Wow - January. I am making a promise to myself to be more consistent since I think it really helps me keep my head on straight. Quick updates: DH is working for a national company selling exterior building products. The pay is about half of what he was making 2 years ago before getting laid off. On the plus side, it is a job and we have health insurance so I won't complain (at least for now). My oldest DD will be a senior in high school this year so we have been making some college visits this summer. Wow, does college ever cost alot (more on this another time). I am still working part time at the same job I have had for the past 4 years. I like my boss but basically I am bored and would love to make more money. I have been toying with finding another part time job, a different part time job or even a full time job. I think my comfort here (it is easy and very flexible) is getting in the way of me making a change. I need to get off my butt and motivate myself to do something different. My second DD (almost 15) has been pet sitting this summer. She has quite a nice little business going and has way more disposable income that dear old mom. What is wrong with this picture? My DS and youngest DD are still taking karate and will be joining a competitive karate team this fall. It is run by their current teacher (who I cannot say enough great things about). They will have to train for a full year and the following year they will compete in tournaments which will involve some travel and thus some $$$. My two mastiffs are still big, loving and drooly and their food just keeps getting more and more expensive. Yikes but I still feel that they are so worth it because they bring so much joy and entertainment to the whole family!
I don't know about anyone else, but I feel like every time I turn around something is costing me more. Somehow it all seems to work out (just now always the way I had predicted. I am working hard on keeping the debt down and staying positive. More later...