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Afraid to Jinx Myself

March 29th, 2007 at 10:13 am

Just over a month ago in my last entry, I wished that I could get back to my routines and get on with life. I think I jinxed myself in a major way cause I just had the worst month of my life in terms of chaos and upheaval to my routines. Without going into too much detail, my dog got lost by my vet and we spent 16 days spending almost every spare moment searching for her. She is now safely back at home where she belongs, just in time for the kids to go on spring break so still no routines for me. I will not complain this time just be grateful that she is back with us where she belongs and the uproar is over. Next time I will really be careful what I wish for - I don't want to jinx myself like that again. On a serious note, the whole experience made me think about what is really important in my life and also made me realize that our current difficult financial situation is just that. It is just a difficult situation but it will not last forever and it will get better. The things of lasting importance like family and friends are what really matters and what I should be paying the most attention to. I don't mean that I should stop paying attention to finances, just that I should not let the current situation define me.