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New Suit for DH

September 9th, 2008 at 07:42 am

Why do men's suits have to be so expensive? We are going to a wedding this weekend and have another one coming up in November. I have been telling my DH for weeks to please try on his suit and sport coats. He gained more than a bit of weight in the past year and I was afraid he would need to get something new to wear to the weddings. He finally tried them on Sunday night and none fit. He could get into them but it looked really bad. So, off to the store yesterday to get a new suit. He could have gotten away with a sport coat for Fridays wedding but the one in November will be very dressy and he needs a suit for that. Plus, he is still looking for a new job so he really needs a nice suit for interviews. He has never been in a position to need to wear suits daily but he should still have a nice suit or two for weddings, funerals and interviews. Anyway, it was about $300, just for the suit. I warned him in advance not to get any shirts or ties. He has plenty of those and I really did not want to be spending even more. Argh! He needed it but that is $300 that I will be taking out of savings. I am glad we have it but September is really pricey around here. It is the month we have both cars due for inspection (have to schedule that still) our homeowners insurance is due, as well as our car insurance. I have the money to cover all of this in savings, it is just that with DH's job right now, I don't really know when we will be able to replace the savings. Hopefully, he will be able to get a better paying job soon and I'll be able to bank more into savings each month. In the meantime, he will look nice for the wedding.

I was lucky enough to find a black velvet, semi-dressy dress on sale at Ross for $19.99. I will wear that to the wedding (it is short sleeve and a light stretchy velvet like material) and maybe even to the November wedding. I already have shoes so I am good to go. DH mentioned something about shoes to me last night. If he tells me he doesn't have any, I may just polish his feet with shoe polish. (Just kidding!)

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