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My Financial Boat (Warning - Rant!)

September 4th, 2008 at 09:20 am

Lately it feels like my financial boat has been in an endless storm. I keep waiting for the clouds to clear and the sun to come out yet the storm clouds don't seem to diminsh. I know that I will someday be in a period of clear weather and smooth sailing but right now I am feeling tired of rowing and rowing and getting nowhere. I feel like the waves keeps putting water into the boat and it is all we can do to bail it fast enough to keep afloat. Anyone have an extra bilge pump?

When I do get to feeling this way, it does help to realize that my boat is still afloat and does not have any major leaks. I guess sometimes in life, all you can do is keep on rowing. It is just that my arms are feeling tired of all this rowing (figuratively) and I just want to throw an old fashioned temper tantrum.

My DH hates his current job but knows that he has no choice but to keep working there til he gets another job or gets fired. I am personally voting for the "gets another job" choice. He has been looking but his industry (building/construction) is still in the midst of a huge econmic slow down. He is trying to find something in another industry but is constantly told "you are overqualified" (ie. we think we would have to pay you more than we want to pay) or "you need industry specific experience". Seriously, if you can sell and have 20 years of sales experience, shouldn't you be able to apply those same skills to another industry? It is very frustrating. When he took his current job he was promised a certain level of support but that has yet to materialize. The office staff seem good at only two things (1) screwing up orders and deliveries and (2) complaining about having to work to get orders and deliveries out. His supervisor on the other hand wants to know why he cannot get more customers. Its like, um, see complaints about the office staff maybe?

Okay, enough rant for now. Feeling much better and I did not even need to lay of the floor and kick and scream. Guess I just needed a rant rather than full blown tantrum. Just goes to show how mature I can be!

2 Responses to “My Financial Boat (Warning - Rant!)”

  1. scfr Says:

    Glad you feel better ... We all need to vent sometimes.

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    I can really relate to this entry!

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