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Uncertainty and a Cool Web Site

December 13th, 2007 at 05:52 am

The uncertainty part is whether or not my DH will have a job after next week. He and the other sales reps at his company had a meeting with the owner on Monday. They had not gotten their car allowances or the other reps their commission checks for November. The owner told them he had not paid because he was owed too much from customer and he was out of money! He is supposed to be meeting with his family this week (it is a family owned business) and deciding whether or not they will be closing their doors for good at the end of the year. Since they always shut down for the holidays, effectively that means closing up next week. The current word is that he wants to close down the main company and keep a smaller division open with a change of focus on their customer base. They make and supply moldings, millwork, doors windows etc. Their primary market had been builders but the business in this area of the country has all but dried up in the last year with the housing slump. Very few builders are still building new houses and those that are, are not paying their bills as they are not selling houses. If he does keep the smaller division open he would wants DH to stay on and help change the focus to sales of custom, high end, furniture quality materials to homeowners and other suppliers. It is a market that is still open and DH has a lot of contacts in this. The alternative is for DH to look for another job. He has already had an interview with another company but if he took that it would ultimately require us to more quite a distance! I refuse to make any decisions til I have all the details on either/both options. I should be going crazy about this but having been through it just last year, I know that no matter what happens, it will somehow work out and we will get through it.
The cool website I found is www.freerice.com (Sorry, I don't know how to put links in!) Anyway, the premise is they donate free rice to needy countries thru you clicking on the site. It is a vocabulary game and I love vocabulary so I have a feeling it will become addictive for me. I am also going to steer my DD16 (soon to be 17) to the site. Her vocabulary is deplorable (see, I told you I love vocabulary) and she can certainly use some practice before she takes the SATs.

6 Responses to “Uncertainty and a Cool Web Site”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Sure hope things work out ok!!

  2. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Yes! Here is the link to freerice! It was passed out to the students at my son's school!

    Text is http://www.freerice.com and Link is

  3. fern Says:

    it's illegal to not pay employees what they're supposed to get paid. One phone call to the department of labor will take care of that. He shouldn't just assume he's out of luck on that score.

  4. scfr Says:

    I hope everything works out for you guys.

  5. shiela Says:

    We are kind of in the same situation. DH's company is outsourcing their department. Uncertain times right now.
    Hope things work out with you and your DH.

  6. mbkonef Says:

    DH has been paid his salary up til current. Just not sure when they will close down but it looks pretty sure that they will. He is already pursuing other options but I just hate the uncertainty. As for the other sales reps, I don't think he has to pay their commission til the company gets paid for the sale by the customer and since so many of the builders are not paying their bills, the owner is not paying the commission. If he got paid by the customer, he would definitely have to make good on the commission but if he does not get paid, not sure what that does to the commission.

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