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Beach Trip and Other Savings

June 21st, 2007 at 08:30 am

Back from our two days at the beach. I left with $97.00 cash in pocket and returned home with $20.00 plus a boatload of change so I am generally happy with the spending. I also bought a tank of gas on my debit card on the way home but our spending included a few rides on the boardwalk, several treats and all tolls etc. Overall, not bad for the two days. Also the day before we left, I went to the bank to deposit two checks and ended up saving myself $84.00 a year. I realized recently that I had a savings account with a low balance that I was not being charged $7.00 a month maintenance fee. I could up the balance but with the interest rate so low, it was just not worth it to me. I no longer use the account much due to my ING account. So, I closed the account and transferred the balance $429.00 to my checking. $200 will go towards DH's current credit card payment do soon and the other $229 will get transferred to the ING account. There it can earn higher interest and more importantly, not cost me $7.00 per month. It really burns me up that you have to watch every account every month cause they can change the rules and the fee schdedules on a whim (or at least it feels that way).

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