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Expensive Week Ahead

June 5th, 2007 at 05:52 am

Today is only Tuesday but I already know this will be an expensive week for my family. All four kids have dental appointments today. We used to have dental insurance thru DH's previous company, then COBRA but the new company does not offer dental. I am looking into getting our own policy. I basically have to find the time to sit down, price shop on-line and figure out if it is cost effective. (If the cost of the insurance is not more than the cost of basic routine care, then it is definitely worth it - otherwise, it is a guess). Anyway, for today at least, it will be out of pocket. I will ask them to forgoe anything not critical like x-rays until I decide if I want dental coverage (by the next check-up). My dentist does provide a discount for cash payments and I do have a flex account for unreimbursed medical expenses so it should not be quite as bad. The second expense will be on Friday. My son failed his school eye test and has an eye appointment. Since DH, I and the oldest two DD's all wear glasses/contacts, I knew it was coming. I was just hoping it would be later, rather than sooner. I told the eye doctor's receptionist that by the time my last (youngest DD) needs to see him, we will want our own personalized chair in his office. Again, this will be an out of pocket expense cause the new employers benefits also don't cover eye care. The receptionist knows us well and will give us whatever discounts are available. I will also be able to submit the expense to the flex plan. But still, it will be an expensive week with medical stuff. Thnankfully, with DH's new job, we have the money in the bank to cover this and it will not have to increase our debt at all. I am working really hard to discipline myself - I want to build up our savings/emergency account and also payoff the equity line of credit. I think later this week I need to revisit my goals that I posted in January to see where I stand.

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